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Beautiful Fitness Models Fitness Model Gallery

Hot Fitness Models from around the world who use this site to promote their careers as well as aspiring female bodybuilders, personal trainers, and even average workout enthusiasts. Instant female fitness model stardom can be yours by simply sending your photos and biographical information. Include links to your fitness model website, promote a female bodybuilding related career, meet more fitness-minded friends or that special training partner.

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Stacey Rogers

My name is Stacey, I have been training for a 1 & 1/2 years and have recently started competing in Natural Bodybuilding. I have competed in two shows as a lightweight competitor and in June I am off to the FAME Expo in Toronto to compete again. I am 5' 6", 115 lbs contest weight and 125 Off season. I have brown eyes and blond hair. I am a Police officer and certified personal trainer. I`m looking for any sponsors, film/commercial, magazine, or female bodybuilder opportunities. I reside in Vancouver, Canada. Please feel free to Email me at
Congratulations to Stacey, for recently placing first in the middleweight Female Bodybuilding division as well as a first place finish in the Figure Open at the FAME world series in Toronto.

Erin Conner

Female Fitness Model
I'm a female fitness model and would be interested in legitimate opportunities for modeling and promotion. Please contact me at


Female Fitness Model
Diana is a fantastic fitness model originally from Russia, now living in Brazil.

Lori La Magna

Female Fitness Model
Lori is a female fitness model who sent her photos in a few weeks ago. We are working on posting the back-log of profiles but shipping orders comes first. Check back for more info on Lori which will be added soon.

Monica Starr

Female Fitness Model
Monica Starr is a true country girl, born and raised in Kansas growing up farming corn, wheat, milo, and sunflowers working on her family owned and operated feedlot. In addition to being a Female Fitness Model, Monica loves hunting, fishing, and riding horses. Monica had a passion for horses and hardly a day went by that she didn't go riding. This passion found her showing and barrel racing horses.
Age: 25 Height- 5.2 Weight- 120 Hair- blonde Eyes- green
Marital- single Hometown- Oberlin, Kansas / current- Amarillo, Texas
Occupation: Dental student / FITNESS MODEL
Hobbies: hunting, fishing, working-out, reading, drawing, spending time with my dog, "Geist."
I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas. I was always interested in keeping myself fit. During my time in Baltimore, Maryland, I met someone who gave me a push into the fitness world. Thanks Sherwood! Many people along the way have helped me learn what I know today. I'll never forget! I am now living in Texas where I personal train and go to school. I spend a lot of time hitting the weights, as well as the books. I love to have fun and just goof around! Learn more about me at
xoxox, Monica Starr

Melissa Johnson

Female Fitness Model
My name is Melissa Johnson. I am an NPC National Figure Competitor and female fitness model. You can learn more about me at or contact me at

Diana Sitar

Athlete, Aspiring Fitness Model
I'm college cross country and track runner at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. I work a lot of promotions in Las Vegas, NV (where I live when not at school). I love athletics and staying in shape. Height 5'6, weight 124, natural blonde hair, blue eyes, 34B, 27, 37. Available for fitness model work, modeling, endorsing, acting, and promotions.
Thanks, Diana

Gabrielle Young

Beautiful Fitness Model
Dr. Gabrielle Young, a.k.a. Dr. Diva is the next generation

Yitzel Mansour

Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Hey, my name is Yitzel Mansour. I am eighteen years old, and am half-Mexican and half-Palestinian. I love to work out daily at the gym or outdoors. I have previous modeling experience, but right now I would love to do some work as a fitness model. If you have any questions or want to get a hold of me please contact me at
Thanks so much have a good day!

Niecy Moss

Fitness Model and Fitness Enthusiast
My name is Niecy Moss. I was born April 12, 1957. I'm an art/fitness model from Houston, Texas. I enjoy modeling for sports/extreme sports/adventure and stunt work. I have a personal web page at


Hot Fitness Babe from the UK
My name is Keely. I am a fitness instructor and figure competitor from England U.K. I workout everyday with weights and cardio training, hoping to become the U.K s Top fitness/figure competitor. I have built a very strong body from athletics and gymnastic workouts including aerobics and boxercise. My hobbies are music, cooking, clothes shopping and wrestling. Please visit my website
or email at and let me know what you think of my physique xx.

Marina Burinska

Female Fitness Model from Latvia
My name is Marina Burinska. I live in Latvia. I'm the WFF World - 2004 Over All Winner. You can see my photos here
Write to me to this address:
Best regards Marina
Editors note- The above website of Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Models may require the use of an online translator    <a href=

Heather Campo

Fitness Model
My name is Heather Campo. I'm 22 years old, 5'7" & 125 lbs., blonde with blue-green eyes. I live in Central Florida (East Coast) and love it! I LOVE working out, staying healthy and keeping my body beautiful. I love to model for fitness and swimwear. I can be reached by email at
Thanks & have a wonderful day! ;)

Neferititi Phillips

Female Bodybuilder
I am a faithful shopper!!! This is my first year competing as a female bodybuilder, and I placed 3rd in the short class, although I got an e-mail from the head judge the next day stating that I should have placed 1st, but I messed up on my quarter turns.....not bad for someone who used to weight 215lb! I got certified, got lean, and did it! I am so proud of myself and I used that energy to encourage my clients ( I am a CPT) that you really can lose weight and be healthy within a reasonable amount of time without going to extremes. I am currently preparing for a show October 23rd and I feel really good about my physique. I hope I get the opportunity to be the next Fitness Competitor of the Week!

Linda Lorena

Aspiring Hot Fitness Model
My name is Linda Lorena and I love to work-out. My biggest dream is to become a fitness model. I'm going to school for journalism and.I have a little part time job on the side to get my bills. I live with my parents and I'd love to help them more economically because they're struggling. So if there's any work for me in this industry please let me know.
Thank you sincerely, Linda Loreno

Bridget Flynt

Female Fitness Model
Before becoming a female fitness model I was always very slim. Referred to by some as "skinny" throughout my childhood. With a starting bodyweight of 99 lbs. my challenge to become a fitness model was to gain, not lose weight. Coincidently, my father passed away around the same time so I focused on weight training as a release. I love the total control exercise and nutrition give me overy my appearance as a fitness model. I enjoy variety and challenging myself to achieve new goals (i.e. interval training, super-sets, etc.) I also enjoy spending time with my husband and showing off to him, he also enjoys the sexy outfits ;) Being a fit female fitness model also allows me to keep up with my three young children.


Aspiring Fitness Model
We have just posted Chrissy's fitness model photos and hope to have more information soon. Chrissy can be reached at

Shana Prevette

Female Fitness Model
Shana's bio:
American Dream World finals (Winner of modeling contract)
Promotional model for Nascar and CMG
Winner Miss Club 2000 - September 2002
Spokesmodel for Pirelli Tire for the 2004 season
Photoshoot Venus Swimwear - October 2002
Photo is page header for Venus Model Search website
Promotional model for Trim Spa
Tropic Beauty model
Miss August in the 2004 American Dream Calendar
Did fitness model photo shoot with Tony Little for exercise video (Box Cover)
Part of TV pilot produced by Michael Berg (Baywatch)
Small part in Baywatch movie
Miss Road Atlanta 2003
Will be in a Hooters commercial with Lee Corso airing in September
Did print work for 2004 Chica Rica swimwear catalog; Miss Desert Sun in Scotsdale (finished in top ten)
Miss January in Hooters 2004 calendar
Winner of Miss Trump Style International 2003
Will be featured on the cover of the High Roller magazine
The Trump Style 2004 Calendar
Appeared on MTV's Real Life;
Appeared on David Letterman Thursday Oct. 9th to promote the Hooters calendar
& Will be appearing in upcoming 2004 issue of Stuff magazine (month TBA)

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