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Male Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Customer Photos

You don't have to be a top Male Bodybuilder or Fitness Model to post your picture here. Best Form gives all our customers free exposure, from novice bodybuilders to star male fitness models. This page is devoted to displaying not only Male Fitness Model pictures, but also bodybuilding pics from beginner to Pro. You are welcome to promote your career, chat about training, or look for a special training partner.

Also see our Female Fitness Models Be Featured on our Fitness Models Page

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Arron Calister

Personal Trainer, Fitness Author
WNBF Pro Body Builder
2004 NANBF 10,000 Lakes Pro-qualifier overall champion
2000 NPC Mr. Minnesota
1997-98 NANBF Mr. USA Champion
1996 Northern States Champion
Author of Self Inspired Woman (women's fitness book) can see at
Contact Aaron at


Aspiring Male Fitness Model
My name is Tracy and I have an interest in being a model. I have submitted this photo to the Hot or not web site and have recieved very good feed back. If anyone is interested or has any work for me please contact me at or
Thank you for your time,

Sincerely, Tracy

Paul Reneman

Mr. Alabama Bodybuilding Championships 1995 1st. Place Open Middle Weight
Southern States Bodybuilding & Fitness 1996 1st. Place Open Light
Mr. Mobile Bodybuiling Championships 1996 Overall Winner Light Heavyweight
Heart of Dixie Bodybuilding 1997 1st. Place Open Light Heavyweight
Mr. Mobile Bodybuiding Championships 1997 Overall Winner Light
New Orleans Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships 2000 1st. Place Open Light Heavyweight and Overall Winner
Jr. USA Championships 2002 1st Place Open Light Heavyweight


My name is Edd, I am 55 years young and completely natural. I stay this way all year round. I am in the lumber business and love prowlers. Email Edd

Fitness Model

I am 44 years old, 6

Carl Allan Matthews

Bodybuilder and Fitness Model
My name is Carl Allen Matthews Jr.
Two years ago I took up residency in Las Vegas, Nevada after serving five years active duty in the United States Army; and have since been enrolled in the Army Reserve for the past two years.
I am currently pursuing a life long dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. I recently entered the Las Vegas Bodybuilding Classic held November 20, 2004 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino and qualified fifth place in the Heavy Weight Novice Category (an NPC Event).
Being a believer in a higher power and through all my life experiences, my competitive routines reflect all natural and ministering messages. The intent of this letter is to solicit sponsorship for my future bodybuilding endeavors and in return I will guarantee continued determination, strong discipline, dedication, and 110% hard work to be the best that I can be.
Please review some of my recent photos and I believe that you will see that I possess what it takes to be a pro.The major component of making my bodybuilding dream a reality is costly; I am requesting any form of assistance in this area through marketing, donations, sponsorship and overall support. I have mapped out a course of competitions which will inevitably lead to the acquisition of a pro card by the end of 2005 and result in a great deal of exposure and advertisement opportunities.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my sponsorship proposal and hope that you find me to be a worthy investment. I can be contacted at:


Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
My name is Rolando Amorim. I'm a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and a extreme outdoors enthusiast here in Boston MA. I try to leave my life at its full, bringing positive energy to the people who surrounds me. For all of you out there... "Stay natural", push yourselves to limits and beyond, it will be a long run, but there will be no regrets nor guilt on your goal."
Thank you, Rolando Amorim


Bodybuilder and Fitness Wear Customer from Germany
Markus is an aspiring competitive bodybuilder and Best Form Fitness Gear customer from Germany. He's been training for five years.

Dian Jen

Not a Fitness Model or a Bodybuilder!
Before you look at my picture, please be aware that I am not a fitness model, a body builder, or a professional sportsman. I am a recently retired business executive after 45 years working in the computer industry. My philosophy and life style keep me in top physical and mental shape. I look young and feel great. I am 70 years old as of 1/16/2004. This picture was taken shortly after my 70th birthday.
Best regards,
Dian Jen
Email me at <a">

Todd Morgan

Beginning Bodybuilder
Name: Todd Morgan E-mail:
Age: 17
Where: Bartlett, IL
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 145
Years Bodybuilding: 1.5

Brian Summers

My name is Brian and I live the Washington DC area. I compete in natural bodybuilding and I won my class at the 2001 Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships. I've worked as a fitness model and I'm available for both still camera and motion picture photography. I am experienced as a fitness spokesperson for product or service, I am well spoken, professional and easy to work with. I have examples of my work on VHS or MPEG (CD) and I am available for audition with some advanced notice. Please contact me

Bianco Lopez

Male Bodybuilder
My name is Bianco Lopez and I reside in Chicago, Illinois. I heard about Best Form Inc from a good friend of mine. I saw him wearing the Otomix tank tops so I asked where he bought them and he told me Best Form Fitness Gear. Well, I'm very interested in a fitness model career. I've been working out for five years now. I'm a training addict, I work out 6 days a week and I follow a very strict diet. I'm 5'10", 175 lbs. pretty built and somewhat cut.

Jason Dean

Aspiring Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
My name is Jason Dean. I am a 20 year old certified personal trainer from Blaine, Washington. I am an aspiring fashion / male fitness model who desires any opportunity in the fitness industry. I would love to promote exercise equipment, clothing, promotional offer's, TV, etc..... I would love to be featured in any fitness style magazine. I am 6 feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eye's. I am currently a strong, 180 pounds. I am also currently residing in a small town of Blaine, Washington, which is right next the Canadian border. In general, I am obsessed with my health and fitness, who has have been religiously connected to the industry in one form or the other over the past several year's. I desire the chance to excel in this area and hope somone out there recognizes me and hopefully gives me fitness related work.

Jason Dean

Nick Fichter- Male Fitness Model

Male Fitness Model
NICK FICHTER, a fitness enthusiast and daredevil has been in front of the camera's of the top fitness model photographers in the country. A financial planner by day and a gym junkie at night, his physique has made him nationally known by his ability to transcend typical "model" images by looking as good in a beach towel as he does in a suit. He is 25 and resides in Saint Louis.

Dean Martini

My name is Dean Martini, I am a Powerlifter, Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer in Palm Beach County Florida. I have Squatted 800 lbs. Benched 520, Deadlifted 700, All Drug Free! I have competed at 220, 240, 275 and 308 at a height of 5' 6" I have also Military Pressed 405 at a weight of 235. I have been a Trainer for 15 years. Stay clean!

Daniel Hardy-

Aspiring Fitness Model
Hi I am a aspiring fitness model and actor. I also have a degree in exercise science. If you have any leads on this type of work in acting and modeling please contact me. My email is

Bob Donnelly

Founder of Body Alive
Bob Donelly is the founder of Body Alive and accomplished competitive bodybuilder. Bob has closed Body Alive and moved on to pursue other interests. His innovative designs were a great contribution to fitness fashion.

Shigeharu Tsuda

Powerlifter, Bodybuilder
I came to the U.S. for my American Dream. That is, to lift 1,000kg Bench-Press on the moon. I need a sponsor, such as NASA. Human Life starts with dream, and ends with dream. As long as you believe in you, your dream comes true. Don't you agree? The pictures were taken when I became a powerlifting & bench-press champion in Osaka, Japan. I will leave my previous email address in Indiana University, which is effective by the end of this year. Shall we go to the moon together?
Contact me to
Shige Tsuda

Anthony Catanzaro

Male Fitness Model
Hi my name is Anthony Catanzaro I am a fitness model and actor in NYC. Please visit my website at: <a href=">

Dan Jones

UK Bodybuilding Clothing Customer
Hi, my name is Dan Jones. I'm a past and present customer of Best Form Fitness Gear. I reside in Leeds in the United Kingdom. I'm interested in taking on any kind of male fitness model work, paid or unpaid initially. I've put together a portfolio of photos available upon request. I'm 30 years old and currently weigh about 220 lbs. at 6ft 1". I'm more into fitness now as opposed to big style Bodybuilding.
I can be contacted on email
Thanks for reading this, Dan

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