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Otomix Shoes

Otomix shoes have built a reputation among bodybuilders for being stylish and durable.Whether your sport is weightlifting, powerlifting, or bodybuilding gym shoes.  Mixed martial arts enthusiasts love them for their MMA match events.

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OM6666 Otomix shoes ultimate trainer
Otomix shoes offer the Ultimate Trainer with a new balance in the foot bed for better control, comfort, and support. The cross-training gym mid-top shoe has a sleek, futuristic design. A limited number of these remain Otomix shoes in white only. ..
OM8000 Otomix Shoes Extreme Pro Trainer
Optomix is often the mistaken name for these Gym shoes.  It's actually Otomix shoes and The Extreme Pro model incorporates a low profile flexible and sturdy sole so you can feel the floor. Remember, don't call them Optomix by mistake.  It's Otomix.  ..