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Bodybuilding Shirt Guide


Bodybuilding Shirt Design Variations


Best Form offers a universe of bodybuilding shirts from basic T-shirts with gym logos to over-size long sleeve workout tops.  All are essential items for any bodybuilder’s muscle shirt wardrobe.  Bodybuilding shirts are great for working out or as casual wear outside the gym. You have every choice of major gym franchise to select from through the Best Form Fitness Gear site.  All the workout wear for Golds Gym, World Gym, and Powerhouse Gym carried by Best Form are manufactured by the same contract fitness apparel company.  Therefore, all the blanks are the same with only the respective screen-prints differ.


Bodybuilding T Shirts


These gym shirts are essentially high quality basic tees with the gym franchise name screen-print.  The screen print is currently on only on the front.  However, at one time the World Gym shirts had the rear view of the gorilla on the globe logo printed on the back several years ago and this design may be available again.  The Pitbull Gym shirts have two variations of their main logo, the P101 classic “Barbell” and the P103 “Bad 2Bone” logos.  In addition to their current G101 “Oscar” logo, the Golds Gym bodybuilding t shirts are also available in the classic G100 “Old Joe” version along with several other unique designs.  Powerhouse Gym feature it’s classic “Bent-Bar” logo.


Sleeveless Bodybuilding Shirts


This is not simply Tee’s with the sleeves cut-off.  Rather, it’s tailored specifically for a bodybuilder physique with exaggerated arm openings for added mobility and ease of movement.  Currently, there are two different prints available on Golds Gym Shirts, the G191 “Oscar”:logo and the G189 “Training” print.  More franchise names being added in the near-future.


V-Neck Bodybuilding Shirts


In addition to the stylish V-neck design this particular Golds Gym Shirt is made from a100% Supersoft Cotton Jersey fabric.  The G150 and G158 are the two available screen-prints.


Burn-Out Bodybuilding Tees


The G110 is one of the best-selling bodybuilding t shirts.  The 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton Pre-Laundered fabric with a ribbed neckband provides a semi-stretch feel for better comfort and mobility.  The stretch fit makes it a flattering muscle shirt for a bodybuilder physique.


¾ Length Sleeve Bodybuilding Shirt


A specially designed shoulder area on this workout top allows for more upper body room and physique flattering cut.  The C444 Crazee Wear design is made from a 50/50 Cotton/poly fabric.