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Beautiful Fitness Models Fitness Model Gallery


Hot Fitness Models from around the world who use this site to promote their careers as well as aspiring female bodybuilders, personal trainers, and even average workout enthusiasts. Instant female fitness model stardom can be yours by simply sending your photos and biographical information. Include links to your fitness model website, promote a female bodybuilding related career, meet more fitness-minded friends or that special training partner.

Fitness Competitor, Fitness Model
My name is Gina. I am an avid gym enthusiast with long term goals to include figure competition and becoming a Female Fitness Model. I have been working out for about 5 years, but only seriously for about 8 months. I hope to start that trail here :) I am living in central Virginia, where I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my husband and two children, ages 9 and 2. I am available for any (reasonable) promotional or modeling work for any legitimate companies in the DC/VA/MD or surrounding areas. Please feel free to email me with Fitness Model propositions or other requests. Hope to hear from you soon! ;) Please email GSXR600Ryder@aol.comfor inquiries.
Thanks, Gina

Cindy Gunter
Female Fitness Model
Cindy has just submitted her beautiful female fitness model pics. We will have her biography and promo text up as soon as possible.

Print and Fitness Model
Professional Print and Female Fitness Model based in Los Angeles and Miami. Sorry, Olivia's email address is no longer working. We hope she or someone she knows reads this and has her get in touch with us.

Dominisha Hicks
Female Fitness Model
I'm Domanisha Hicks, a 24 year old mother of one. I'm an aspiring fitness model, business owner, and personal trainer. I'm very mature, energetic, experienced, and fun. I'm highly entertaining and very charismatic, I light-up the room wherever I go. Born and raised in Las Vegas, I'm an exotic mix of Native American/Cherokee, French, Cajun/Acadian. Puerto Rican, Jamaican, and Egyptian. I'm a fitness competitor and placed first in the South Florida District Championships. I'm going for my pro card in Fitness and my Fitness Modeling career will add to my already flavorful life. I hope to be seen in Shape magazine soon.

Anabella Gordon
Female Fitness Model
My name is Anabella Gordon (Ann-short). I'm 25 years old, 5'2" and 110 lbs., brunette with brown eyes. I live in Central Florida (West Coast). I LOVE working out, staying healthy, and keeping my body in shape. I would love the opportunity to be a fitness model and I'm begining my journey.
I can be reached at Thanks, Ann

Morgan Padgett
Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Morgan is an aspiring female fitness model who's recently submitted her photos. We will have more information soon.

Denise Aiello
Female Fitness Model
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, experienced in Resistance, Cardiovascular, and Weight control. Currently, I'm pursuing my goals and dreams to be a hot fitness model cover girl. Early on, I discovered my first true athletic passions: soccer and softball. I went on to become an all state soccer player and continued playing through college. Working-out at a local gym developed my already athletic physique even further, allowing me to develop as a beautiful fitness model and personal trainer.

Josephine Dalton- Fitness Model - Figure Competitor
Female Fitness Model, Figure Competitor
I am a Las Vegas based, nationally recognized female fitness model, figure competitor and personal trainer. In 2006 I had a 100% success rate in placing in the top of my competitions despite half the year having a broken ankle. I also consider myself a lifetime success story and inspiration, having recovered from drug, alcohol abuse and depression without modern therapy. I turned my life around after a near fatal suicide attempt and domestic violence. I am an experienced in fitness model, lingerie, glamour, sports, tradeshow and promotional. I'm looking to also start training more women for competitions or in the entertainment industries. I am also always looking for rewarding fitness model work as well as TFCD and magazine submission with outstanding photographers.
Jessica O'Neal
Female Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
My name is Jessica. I'm an aspiring photo / female fitness model and figure competitor.
Email me at

Selma Reneman
- Champion Fitness Competitor and Fitness Model
2001 NPC Southern Classic (Tall) Fitness Champion
2001 NPC Southern Classic (Tall) Figure 5th Place
2002 NPC Jr Nationals (Med) Figure 9th Place
2002 NPC Jr. USA (Med) Figure 7th Place
2002 NPC Team Universe (Med) Figure 15th Place
20th Annual Southern Classic Figure 2003 1st. Place Open Medium Figure and Overall Winner 2003 1st. Place Over 35 Figure Overall Winner
Selma is seeking sponsors for her upcoming Figure comptetion in Pittburgh this summer.

Vivianna Requena
Female Bodybuilding Champion, Swimsuit and Fitness Model
My name is Vivianna Requena, 2002 NPC Jr USA Womens Champion. I am a fitness/swimsuit model in NJ, as well as a certified personal trainer for women. I am available for promos and print work. I work freelance. I am featured on many fitness and bikini websites as well, also you can see me on the cover of Muscle Elegance Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazne, I have been featured in Planet Muscle and many others.
You can email me at

Kathy Feldman
Female Fitness Model
Best Form is pleased to include Kathy Feldman in our fitness model page. Kathy is an outstanding fitness model with an incredible resume which includes numerous appearances in dozens of magazines. Her female fitness model photos have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Muscle & Fitness, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue to name just a few. Kathy is a successful female fitness model who's even pictured in some of the Hotskins catalog photos on this website.

Erica Lynn
Fitness Model, Actress
Erica Lynn
Miami, Florida
Link to Model 125465 on
Measurements: 34C x 24 x 34 Hgt: 5'6" Wgt: 114 lbs
Hair: Natural Red Eyes: Hazel
Sizes: Dress Small 3 / Pants 2 / Top: S-M / Shoe 8.5
Talents: Acting, Hip Hop/Club Dancing, Fitness, Rollerblading/Skating, Having Fun!
Experience: Stand-in for Julianne Moore in the Feature film "The Hours"
Stand-in for Paulina Rubio MTV
Inside the NFL "Ricki Williams Girlfriend" Principal
VHI All Access Fashion Show
Bud Light/ Maxim Magazine, Maxim Exposure Commercial Principal
BMW Fashion Show
Heineken 6 week Promotion
Pepsi Stage Model
XM Satellite Radio Nightclub Promotion
TLC's "A Perfect Proposal" Staged Contestant
Venus Swimwear Finalist
SpokesModel for Bauman Medical Group "Eyelash Enhancement Model" NBC, ABC
"Yum-Yum" Music video Principal
MTV Latin Music Awards Commercial "Birth of a Super Hero" Principal

Heiorun Siguroardottir-
Iceland Fitness Model
My name is Heiorun, Im 26 years old and I come from Iceland:) My life is great and health is my number one:) Never drank or smoked in my life:) I work as a personal trainer in Reykjavik and have been competing in fitness for over 6 years:) I have won Five times the Icelandic champion 2003-2007. and have been competing all over the world with really good results:) Hope to get my pro card this year:) My next competition is the World Championship in October:) I really want to become a fitness model thats my dream, but that is actually really difficult when you live in Iceland....But some one said you have to follow your dream.... and I will;) Hope I will get that opportunity some day..

Christina Penegar
Female Fitness Model
Vital Statistics:
Age- 25 Height-5' 9" Weight 127 lbs
Athletic, yet long and lean build
Blonde hair, bright blue eyes
Chest: 34C Waist: 25.5 Hips: 34 Shoes: 9
Contact information: Email address

April McReynolds
Fitness Model and Figure Competitor
Hello, I'm an aspiring fitness model and figure competitor.

Dawn Principe
Female Bodybuilder
I'm Dawn Principe and I'd love to show you everything IÆve got. I'm here for exposure, publicity, print and video work. I'm a powerfully beautiful Female Bodybuilder. My Stunning feminine muscled stature thunders mightily with exotic, immeasurable artistry, awe-inspiring in its aesthetic, sensual allure. You may contact me at or find me on

Personal Fitness Trainer from Moscow Russia
Liliya is a beautiful brunette with green eyes from Moscow Russia. She works as a Professional Personal Trainer and enjoys a healthy, active life-style. She's interested in meeting a man who shares her interest in leading a healthy way of life and who's intelligent, kind, reliable, and generous.

Kelli Barnes
Female Fitness Model
Kelli is an aspiring Female Fitness Model who recently submitted her profile. We will be publishing more about Kelli and her fitness modeling soon.

Adrienne Smith
Female Bodybuilder, Fitness Model
Hi my name is Adrienne Smith I am 25 years old and live in Ocala, FL. I am a competive female bodybuilder and do pro wrestling. Currently, I am trying to break my way into the fitness modeling industry and do promotional fitness model work anywhere in Central Florida. I am also looking for any kind of sponsorship. My email address is For more pics feel free to email me.
Adrienne Smith

Megan S-
Aspiring Fitness Model and Female Bodybuilder
Specialist Meg S.
Fitness Enthusiast
Currently serving our country in Uzbekistan with the United States Army. I've competed recently with other soldiers at my base and won the bench press contest for my weight class. My goal is to build up my strength and definition by taking advantage of my free time and regimented lifestyle that the Army provides. When I return home my goal is to compete in fitness model and female bodybuilder contests. "Honor First HOOAH!"

Female Fitness Model
We just received advance photos from "Becca" an incredible female fitness model. We hope to have a detailed biography soon.

Aspiring Fitness Model and NABBA USA Gold Cup Masters Female Body Builder Class Winner
I am a dedicated to the fitness lifestyle and want to become a fitness model. I'm proud to say that I am 54 years old and the mother of two college age sons. I have been weight training for 15 years. I believe that the fitness lifestyle keeps me young! In 1996, I entered the NABBA USA Gold Cup Classic in Anaheim, CA and placed 1st in the Masters Female Body Builder category. I know that I can be an inspiration to women over the age of 45, who want to improve the way they look, but more importanly the way they feel. I can be reached at

Print, Runway, and Female Fitness Model
My name is Tanya and I'm pleased to introduce myself. I'm a professional runway, print, and female fitness model. Bodybuilding and fitness are a big part of my life. I'm available to work as female fitness model or spokesperson. Businesses interested in contacting me for legitimate fitness model or print work please email Best Form Fitness Gear.
Thanks! Tatyana

Leila Mutasa
Aspiring Fitness Model
I'm a 27 year old fitness enthusiast and fitness trainer. I am looking to compete in my first ever figure show and am an aspiring fitness model. For me training with weights was reward enough until recently when I could see the 'real' changes in body composition and nothing feels sexier than being strong and fit. I enjoy a body challenge and entering a competition is something to look forward to. Becoming a Fitness Model is a good chance to show off how hard you've worked and I'm willing to work hard for what I want.
Leila M.

Katie McLin
Female Fitness Model
I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach along with being a beginning Fitness Model and Figure Competitor living in the Middle of the USA. In the June 2008 issue of Oxygen, I will be featured in the "Future of Fitness" column and I'm interested in doing more Print, fitness model, trade show and television work. Got a new opportunity? I look froward to hearing from you!
Location: Kansas
Measurements and Stats:
Height: 5'10, Weight: On season 138 lbs. / Off 146 lbs., Bust: 33, Waist 25, Hips: 36

Michelle Poulin
Female Fitness Model
Michelle recently submitted beautiful fitness model pics. We hope to have more information on her soon.

Tara Ashley
Female Fitness Model
My name is Tara Ashley. I am a fitness/ swimsuit/ lingerie model.
Stats: Height: 5'5 Weight: 115 lbs. Measurements: 34C-24-34
Brief Resume:
Miss Hooters Illinois 2005 & 2007
Hooters Calendars, Magazines, & Hooters Playing Cards
Maxim Magazine & DVD
Tia Lynn Lingerie
Big Headed Boxers
Various billboards and Several TV commercials
See more of my resume at Profile 246328
Personal Email:

Toni West
- Female Bodybuilder and Fitness Model
Aspiring fitness model. Amateur Bodybuilder. 2003 West Virginia State Champ.
Please contact at

Aspiring Fitness Model
I am a personal trainer, also been working out for a long time, play numerous sports and also do tons of physical activities.

Taylor Nicole
Female Fitness Model
Model: Taylor Nicole : 27 yrs old
Born and raised in Philadelphia Suburbs
5'6" 120lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes
34D - waist 25 - hips 35 Shoe 7 1/2
Brand spanking new female fitness model seeking supplement sponsors and fitness assignments

Dawn Laverty
Hot Fitness Model
Dawn is a hot fitness model who submitted her photos several months ago. We hope to have more info on her soon!

Female Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
My name is Shannen. I'm a personal trainer and a manager of a gym. Fitness plays a major role in my life. I'm available to work as female fitness model. Businesses interested in contacting me for legitimate fitness model or print work please email me at

Thanks! Shannen

Female Bodybuilder and Aspiring Fitness Model
My name is Ashleigh and I'm from Columbia, SC. I am very dedicated to the fitness lifestyle. I practically live in the gym because I love it! I am what most people would call a "gym rat." I have been training for about 5 years. I'm 5'3, 135lbs, and I have a pretty muscular body, but I've never really done anything with it. I am looking for any sponsors, film/commercial, or even magazine opportunities. I've been told before that I should compete in the fitness competitions, but I would much rather just keep training like I do, and go for the modeling part of
Thanks, Ashleigh

Laura Hanson
Female Fitness Model
Name: Laura Hanson
Age: 43 Height: 5'4" Measurements: 38-27-36 Off-season weight: 150 lbs Competition weight: 132 lbs
I would have to say getting into bodybuilding changed my life. I started out 2 years ago over weight (size 12) and very much out of shape as it was even affecting my health. I started training with my boyfriend who has been a bodybuilder for over 20 years. I didn't decide to do a show until after going to several shows. Seeing all those the beautiful figure and fitness girls on stage I knew I had to go for it. So, I finally set out to do my first show (a level V) at the ripe age of 43 and ended up placing 5th in the open level class. I couldn't believe it! Muscular Development even posted pictures of me and my show on their online magazine!!! I loved it so much that decided to do another show June 23rd. Where this takes me I don't know but getting there will be half the fun!

Renee-Claude Carre
Female Fitness Model
Here are some pictures of fitness modeling.
You will be able to know more about me.
Thank you, Renee

Tanya Shafi Khan Fitness Model Photos from Tanya Shafi Khan personally autographed for you or perhaps one of your friends. Choose one or more of Tanya's 12 beautiful Fitness Woman pic's.

Daria Gurova
Moscow Fitness Model
My name is Daria and I'm from Moscow, Russia. I'm a fitness fan and try to test just everything! About bodybuilding, I always collect all the info about fitness and bodybuilding I can find. Here is much for man bodybuilders but not so much for women. Women have different physiology, so tips for men are not suitable. I'd enjoy sharing fitness tips and information.
Regards, Daria

Fitness Model from Scotland
I'm Somi. I'm an aspiring fitness model currently residing in Scotland. I'm also a PhD student in Political theory and an aspiring novelist. I enjoy being able to pay attention to the physical aspect of my life along side the mental and academic aspect. I'd like to see other young females also grow and reach their true potential. Therefore, I'd like to be able to set an example that it is possible to maintain a balance between the mind the body.

Stacy Wright
Female Fitness Model
Stacy is an aspiring Fitness Model. She will be providing further details soon.

Beautiful Fitness Model
I'm Julie and I work as a fitness model along with lingerie, bikini, and runway modeling. I just finished shooting a lead role in the upcoming sci-fi thriller "The Dead and the Damned." I also recently appeared on the Greg Barret show. I have eight years experience doing work as a promotional model for conventions, trade shows, and athletic equipment. I'm available for film, commercial, music video, and all related legitimate modeling opportunities. Please send serious inquiries only to

Lindsey Knight
Female Fitness Model
I'm an aspiring female fitness model from Florida. I've competed in the 2008 Bikini Universe Competition and will be training hard for future contests. I'm looking for fitness model work in advertisements, venue bookings, and general photo-marketing.
Thanks! Lindsey

Linda Castro
Female Fitness Model
My name is Linda and I live in California. I do a lot of print and fitness model work. I'm looking for some more publicity! I'd love to do more fitness model work.
hair: dark blonde eyes: green
hieght: 5'5 weight: 110 lbs. measurements: 36-24-36
Have a great day, Linda

Girlie Campbell
Aspiring Female Fitness Model
My name is Girlie Campbell and I have no experience in modeling. I'm a very ambitious girl and I am looking for modelling opportunities. Thanks!

Kelly D
Beautiful Fitness Model
I'm an aspiring female fitness model from Ohio. I'm going to take my career to the next level. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I will be competing in my first figure competition next summer. I've always worked-out to stay healthy and my efforts have succeeded in helping me realize my fitness model dreams. I'm 5.7 and 118 lbs. My measurements are 34-26-33
I'm looking for legitimate fitness model work and promotional opportunities. Please contact me at

Audrey Dippenaar
South African Female Fitness Model
Name: Audrey Dippenaar
Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Height: 5.5
Bust: 34
Hips: 65
Waist: 83
Weight: 51kg
Motivational Quote: "Begin with the end in mind."
Favorite movie: "Pride and Prejudice."
Favorite food: Black chocolate.
I often get fitness model job offers through my listing on this site but people are unaware that I'm based in South Africa so please keep this in mind when contacting me.

Nicoleta Chiorean
Female Fitness Model
My name is Nicoleta Chiorean. I was born in Romania, but I lived in Ireland for the last 9 years. I'm married and I have a 7 year old daughter. I am 28 years old. I own a gym in Ireland where I am doing personal training. I started to train 3 years ago, I won twice irish nationals and I competed in world championships. My biggest dream is to become a fitness model. My states are:
Hips: 88 cm waist 61 cm: bust: 87 cm height: 1.60 cm

Mary Castro
Fitness Model, Singer, Actress
Hot new Mary Castro Female Fitness Model photos just added! Ladies, this website gives you great publicity! Just ask Mary, a top female fitness model who included this note with her just added photo update: " "Thanks for all your help. I get a lot of exposure from your site."
Former Bud Girl and Hooters Girl.
Posed for Dub and Fit Beauty Magazines
Featured on "Las Vegas," "CSI Miami," "Friends," "The OC," and "Alias."
Available as a Fitness Model or other modeling work.
Height 5'7
Weight 118
Age- 22
Visit my website at
Email Mary at

Holly Hefner
Female Fitness Model
Holly Hefner
Health and Fitness
Covergirl - Music City Girls Health & Fitness Calender
Holly Hefner is a beautiful female fitness model who moved to Nashville in the early 90's after becoming first runner-up in many Miss Wisconsin preliminary pageants & earning her degree from the University of Wisconsin. Since then, she has been the opening act for artists such as Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Lorrie Morgan, and Keith Urban, performed on national television shows, including; the National Anthem on ESPN, was a winning contestant on Nashville's BE A STAR and THE CHARLIE DANIELS SHOW, a USA Network Nashville Star 3 Regional Finalist 2005, and has been featured in a number of music videos on CMT & VH-1. Holly performs frequently at popular Nashville venues & corporate events.

Tanya Shafi Khan
Photo and Fitness Model
Tanya is a photo and female fitness model. Visit our fitness model merchandise page to order her beautiful photos.

Tonya LeClaire-
Female Fitness Model
My name is Tonya LeClaire. I am 28 years old and have been a fitness model for 3 years. I have been seen in MuscleMag, Pump, Oxygen, Women's International Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding, and Planet Muscle. I currently own my own business where I design nutrition and workout programs for people. I would be interested in future modeling work with the right opportunity. I can be seen/reached at
Tonya LeClaire
Precision Guided Nutrition, Inc.

Yoshaya Maribelle
Female Fitness Model
My name is Yoshaya Maribelle. For more pics visit my myspace page at

Leah Wynne
Fitness Model, Female Bodybuilder
LeahÆs start as a FEMALE BODYBUILDER in the world of FITNESS WOMEN:
Leah began as a Female Bodybuilder to compliment her martial arts. She was actually the only Fitness Woman at her club which served to motivate and push her that much more. Leah noticed her impressive gains and this served to provide further motivation. Next she began to read more and more, and eventually got to the point where weight lifting and becoming a Fitness Woman and Female Body Builder became her main focus.
LeahÆs road to FEMALE BODYBUILDING and becoming a FEMALE MUSCLE star:
Although Leah had always been very shy she was inspired by watching other Muscle Women and Female Body Builders, Needless to say, she found that first show to be very scary but also a ton of fun. ôThe rush from being on stage was so much stronger than the fear...I was hooked!ö even though LeahÆs fi