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1) Best Form guarantees delivery of an order to the address you specify. Best Form doesn't guarantee you'll personally receive your order. Our obligation is to guarantee delivery of an order to a specified address, we are not liable for what happens to it after that!

2) Caution about using apartment/multi-unit dwelling addresses! Best Form has mailed ten of thousands of orders within the USA and have only had a few lost. Of the few lost packages, almost all went to apartment addresses! Things tend to disappear when more people are involved.

3) Most small package orders are sent via Postal Mail so PO Boxes are welcome and encouraged. If your credit card bill goes to a PO Box you don't need to use the Optional Shipping Address. Be sure to check with clerk for package in a few days, don't rely on them putting a note in your box!!

4) Please use the Optional Shipping Address only if absolutely necessary. Call your credit card issuer and ask them to include an alternate shipping address in your file. A phone number must be included with your order if an alternate address is used so we can verify it.