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Frequently Asked Questions

"Hey, you guys charged my card "X” number of times”

Our website is programmed to immediately void any orders in which the billing address does not match the card issuer’s records. If asked, the card issuer will acknowledge there’s an authorization from Best Form but they won’t know the order was voided. When the card issuer updates their records in seven business days the authorization will drop and the set-aside funds will be restored. Solution: Be sure your billing address is in sync with your card issuer’s records!

"I never got an email order confirmation”

When an order is submitted an email is automatically sent to the email address entered in the order. If a typo is made or if the email address wasn’t entered it won’t be received. Check your SPAM filter, especially if using Gmail/AOL. After an order is submitted the next screen on our website will indicate whether it was successful or declined so customers will know the result regardless of the email notification.

When will I receive my order?

Within the USA- Usually within four to seven days for stock items. Outside the USA- Add one week to the above times, sometimes more due to Customs processing varations.

Do you offer next-day air delivery?

Stock item orders are usually shipped the same day and arrive with lightening speed. However, if you need a stock item over-night please

contact us to make special arrangements.

Do you have a catalog?

No, Best Form doesn't have a paper catalog. Our web site is constantly updated, featuring more detailed photos, larger images, product information, and sizing recommendations than any paper catalog.

Common Mistakes

Making a typo in Email address and filling-out address entry with improper caps & spaces.

Double check your email and billing address for typos and mistakes.